Our World is Burning – Dr. Ian Prattis

Amidst the fear, greed, and pain of our burning world, there is a cool garden where you can recover hope for posterity and cultivate your best life. Ian Prattis’ words are one of the surest pathways to that garden. Both analytically rigorous and fearlessly honest, this book is a must read for anyone asking, “WhatContinue reading “Our World is Burning – Dr. Ian Prattis”

Painting With Words – Dr. Ian Prattis

Painting With Words, is a collection of intriguing, thought provoking essays and poems reflecting on nature, society, war, the environment and our fragile planet. “Prattis’ poetry is a poetic narrative of our basest attributes as a species, our greed and propensity toward a savage violence, as well as our ability to love beyond the telling power ofContinue reading “Painting With Words – Dr. Ian Prattis”

I Guess We Missed the Boat – Barry Finlay

Following the highly successful and award winning adventure, Kilimanjaro and Beyond, in which we climbed one of the world’s seven summits with Canadian author Barry Finlay, he is back to take us on a romp around the world in his Amazon Kindle Bestseller, I Guess We Missed the Boat. This hilarious story opens with a meeting inContinue reading “I Guess We Missed the Boat – Barry Finlay”

A Perilous Question – Barry Finlay

A vacation in Tanzania turns into a rescue operation of two young girls from human trafficking.   Marcie Kane, a strong and independent divorced woman, is on vacation in Tanzania, when her enjoyment is shattered: while visiting a dormitory she helped fund, a teenage girl asks her a perilous question – “When are you taking meContinue reading “A Perilous Question – Barry Finlay”

The Burden of Darkness – Barry Finlay

The Burden of Darkness is the fifth in The Marcie Kane Thriller Collection. Although part of a series, The Burden of Darkness stands alone. Like the other books in the collection, this one tackles a subject of social significance. Marcie Kane’s FBI consultant husband, Nathan Harris, is battle weary and suffering from PTSD from previous cases. He eventually seeksContinue reading “The Burden of Darkness – Barry Finlay”

Remote Access – Barry Finlay

As the online threats grow, the impulsive president is determined not to listen to anyone, and especially not a hacker. The hacker is equally determined not to fail and risk damaging his reputation. Marcie and Nathan find themselves directly in the middle of a winner-take-all cat and mouse game where the stakes include national securityContinue reading “Remote Access – Barry Finlay”