Guided Meditation (CD) – Luc Blanchard

The Golden Link to Oneness Meditation is a powerful guided meditation that integrates binaural beats in the theta frequencies (5 or 6 Hertz) designed to enhance and deepen your meditative experience. Herein lies a profound process for both the novice and experienced meditator alike. In this meditation, you will be guided into the Oneness TempleContinue reading “Guided Meditation (CD) – Luc Blanchard”

Sadhana: 21 Days to Inner-Spaciousness – Luc Blanchard

Foreword by Karen Stowe Mindfully crafted and insightful, this practical guide outlines spiritual exercises that are intended to help you realize a more peaceful and spacious mind as you experience a transformative connection with your spiritual self. Sadhana: 21 Days to Inner-Spaciousness is a must-read for anyone looking to live a life with intention and meaning.Continue reading “Sadhana: 21 Days to Inner-Spaciousness – Luc Blanchard”

The Golden Link to Wellness – Luc Blanchard

In The Golden Link to Oneness, L.M. Blanchard makes accessible teachings that have resonated with sages and mystics from cultures and traditions that seem far removed from our present time. Through sharing personal and mystical experiences, the author delivers relevant insights into perspectives that rise above the limited views of the ego-mind and helps to clearContinue reading “The Golden Link to Wellness – Luc Blanchard”

Le Politicien – Marc-Antoine Gagnier (Francais)

This little novel of a pilot sequence of the series “Marc-Antoine, the politician” which is animated (the narrator) by Marc-Antoine “Doc” Bourassa , known as the inventor of the time machine in Petunia the Vampire: Back to the Future . He tells us a story of his discovery of politics and explains to his friends his thoughts on the listContinue reading “Le Politicien – Marc-Antoine Gagnier (Francais)”