I Guess We Missed the Boat – Barry Finlay

Following the highly successful and award winning adventure, Kilimanjaro and Beyond, in which we climbed one of the world’s seven summits with Canadian author Barry Finlay, he is back to take us on a romp around the world in his Amazon Kindle Bestseller, I Guess We Missed the Boat. This hilarious story opens with a meeting in a hotel room in Miami, Florida. When eight intrepid travelers, brought together by marriage and with retirement in common, sit reminiscing about their travel experiences, the memory banks open and humorous events start to spill out. Cowboy Ron, Ed the Negotiator, Joke-a-Minute Jim, and Practical Carol are part of the motley crew that tries to explain ice hockey to some African children and experiences skiing mishaps, malfunctioning airplanes, sketchy hotel rooms and a near fistfight on a cruise ship on the azure seas of the Caribbean. A poison dart frog in Costa Rica and admitting to being responsible for a security scan machine failure at the pier in Egypt add to the excitement. And let’s not forget the sexy giraffe!