Crooked Corrections – Jeannette Tossounian

CROOKED CORRECTIONS is the final in Jeannette Tossounian’s acclaimed Jail series. A trilogy of such titles of Songs from the Slammer and The Human Kennel. Mind altering pages of direct writings from within Jeannette’s maximum security jail cell. A collection of sketches, letters to advocates, government bureaus, letters from friends and fellow inmates and other information has been compiled along with specific musings and at the time opinions and thoughts written by the author with a small golf pencil. The now victorious Tossounian, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned (Retrial Ordered 7/27/2017, Matter Stayed by Crown Prosecutor 10/25/2017) in the connection with the destruction of her own uninsured Art Gallery for which the perpetrators have not been brought to justice shares her very accurate and raw story through the pages of Crooked Corrections. Non-fiction. Local Author series.