We have moved the Art House from Casselman to Bourget Ontario.

We are currently closed for renovations to transform the old bank building into a seriously awesome Art House. Stay tuned for our grand opening announcement.


Tattoos by Artist Louise Paul

Local Art

Local Art

Local Books

Books by Local Authors

Eclectic Items

A Variety of Funky Things

Something different than the usual big box store gift cards.

Stuff these suckers into a greeting card, stocking or directly in the hand. Good for local art, local books, tattoo services, funky clothes, and a variety of eclectic items. Load any amount with a minimum of $20.

Shop Hours


Art House closed to the public until further notice.

Tattoos are booked all week by appointment only(Book Here)

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(613) 487-9793

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3779 Champlain Road
Bourget, Ontario
K0A 1E0